Broker or Associate Broker

Broker/AB Upgrade Course #2162


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To qualify for an associate broker or broker real estate broker license, you must first obtain 30 hours of broker upgrade education. 

This course is offered online/correspondence and will meet the requirements for education set forth by the Alaska Real Estate Statutes & Regulations.  

The course consists of online material provided on the Student Resources page and a textbook that covers general knowledge.

Broker and Associate Broker

Requirements for Broker or Associate Broker

In accordance with AS 08.88.171, a person desiring to acquire any type of real estate license in Alaska must:

  • Pass the appropriate exam.
  • Not be under indictment for conspiracy to defraud, or fraud.
  • Apply for licensure within six months after passing the exam.
  • Pay the appropriate fees [12 AAC 64.073 and 12 AAC 02.360].
  • Meet the appropriate education requirements.
  • Obtain and maintain E&O insurance.

An applicant wishing to become a licensed broker or associate broker must complete 30 hours of approved broker training. A person must have completed 36 consecutive months within the last 60 months as a real estate licensee, and real estate must have been his/her principal occupation; they must either own a real estate business or work as the broker for a corporation or partnership. A corporation or partnership can have only one broker in charge. If a second person, meeting the qualifications of a broker, holds an ownership position or is employed by the company, that person is considered an associate broker. If a broker no longer meets the conditions of ownership or corporate employment, his/her broker license is suspended until such time as that status is resumed; alternatively, he/she may become an associate broker in another broker's office.