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Key Areas of Study: If you are studying for Pre-License or Broker Upgrade you MUST cover all material on the page, including attachments.  Open the PDF Pre-License & Broker Upgrade Instructions Pre-license_instructions.pdf
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Click on each link below for detailed information.

June 2018 Statutes & Regulations   
Education requirements for pre-licensing; post-licensing; continuing education; broker upgrade; post-broker upgrade.  Education_Requirements.pdf
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Licensing relationships - types of representation and duties of licensees whether representing a party in a transaction, providing specific assistance, or acting in neutral capacity.  *NOTE: Alaska does not recognize dual agency
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Disclosures that are required by law - 
    1. Representation (Agency)  AREC_Consumer_Disclosure.pdf
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      ; AREC_Consumer_Disclosure_Waiver.pdf
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    2. Property Disclosures Transfer_Disclosure_Statement.pdf
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    3. Disclosure of Compensation Disclosure_of_Compensation.pdf
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    4. Conflict of Interest Disclosure  Conflict_of_Interest_statute.pdf
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    5. Lead Base Paint - Properties built prior to 1978 HUD_and_EPA_Disclosure_Regulations.pdf
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Real Estate Recovery Fund   Surety_Recovery_Fund.pdf
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Trust  Accounting
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Landlord Tenant Act   

Alaska Common Interest Ownership Act   Common_Interest_Ownership_Act.pdf
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Once you have completed all material for Broker Upgrade and Pre-License and you are ready to take your completion test, email Traci at: TJB@MTAONLINE.NET  to request your online test.  Remember, you should take your completion test before you register for your Pearson Vue appointment.

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